The Story?

Photo by Ben Rowe - Whistler Adventurist and Photographer

It started with a mug, a tshirt, a thought, a passion for design, maybe a fashion line... and as with many ideas, they get pasted up on a website and tried out to see where they go. 

Since 2018 when the first logo was tried out and trashed, since the first mug was printed and the first tshirts sent off with friends to Norway, to Fiji, to the other side of canada to Quebec, it has grown roots, has found a deep purpose and diversified. 

Sometimes when we invent and implement, like having children, we don't always know where they will go, but we know they are intrinsically good. 

As an artist, a graphic designer, a mom, a grandmother, a past foster mom and parent who has been involved in Girl Guides and Sea Cadets and volunteered in many organizations and events, the one truth I know for sure?  We all want to know we are worthy and loveable.  Many kids don't get to hear this, and for those friends my kids lost I know many of them didn't ever hear " I like you as a person" 

One thing I discovered as a mom, as a grandmother is that inside, I am worthy of love, I make some dumb decisions some times, I experiment in my life, and I am safe because I have family, I have a foundation and no matter what there will be people there if I fall. 

As kids are aging out of foster care, they didn't get the basic rights most children in Canada can expect, and what little they had is now dissolving as they move out into the next stage of life for many.  We will be working with local organizations who are already assisting these people integrate into our community and supply a welcome package to their new home and some other big harry goal. This will be done through our experience packages that will be coming out in mid 2021 while we are launching a socially responsible and socially integrated business.  If this speaks to you, please buy a tshirts, washing ball, a mug, or sign up for the first launch of our boxes, and buy one for yourself and one for a child who is aging out of foster care.  Let's help them know we care and want the best for them.   

Looking forward to working with foundations in the Sea to Sky area and building something amazing and building a better foundation for Canadian youth. 

Please join us on this adventure and sign up below for product launches, updates and special sales and collabs! 

Love Anyssa