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Want to do laundry like a Whistler Girl?

*Whistler Mature Action Community and Whistler Locals click here to order

*if you would like to buy a washing ball for a foster kid aging out of foster care and save them buying soap for the year please let me know) 

This product eliminates the need and cost of detergent, softeners, and dryer sheets for 1-3 years.

Taking care of the environment, saving time going to the store for soap or time to recycle are all important!   Eliminate the environment, bio impact of soaps,  trips to the store, the plastic and your time with this one product! 

SmartKlean® Laundry Ball is a
mineral-based cleaner that effectively
365 loads of fabrics without
chemicals, soap or detergent. 


 100% Free of Harmful Chemicals. Active components derived from Earth minerals and formulated to leave zero residues behind. Ideal for eczema & sensitive skin.


Maintains the softness, elasticity and color of fabrics. In comparison to laundry detergents, clothes and linens will last like new, much longer. Safe and effective for cloth diapers.


Eliminates the need and cost of detergent, softeners, and dryer sheets for 1-3 years. No hot water or rinse cycles are needed, saving big on water & energy bills.


Leaves no trace in our waterways & aquatic ecosystems. With its extensive 1 year+ lifespan, it significantly reduces plastic packaging production and disposal waste. 

"I’ve been using the SmartKlean Ball for over a year and my clothes are as clean as ever. I have not bought any detergent since then, and I feel damn good about the fact that my laundry routine is completely chemical-free."

—  Shannon Kenny 
Founder & Editor of MamaEco.com 



How to Clean Your Washing Machine (Front OR Top Loader)
1. Fill up the washing machine with hot water and pour in 2 cups of white vinegar (organic recommended). Let it sit for 1 hour then start washing machine and run through a complete cycle.
Front Loaders: Pour vinegar in soap dispenser and run machine through a complete cycle.

2. When the machine drains if it still has grime on it, use a sponge and scrub it down really well. Add straight white vinegar to the towel or sponge for best results.
Front Loaders: Also wipe the rubber seals between the door and the wash drum.

If necessary, repeat by filling up  the washing machine again and pour in 1 cup of baking soda. Let it soak for 1 hour. While filling up the machine, use Q-Tips dipped in white vinegar to detail small hard to reach areas and soap dispenser. Clean knobs and lid too.

Repeat every 12 months or as needed to keep your washer, laundry ball and clothes in top condition

How to Use Your Laundry Ball
1. Always follow fabric care instructions. Wash colors and whites separately.
2. Pre-treat any stains before wash.
3. Place the load together with the laundry ball inside the washing machine.
4. Set to wash with COLD water. Do NOT use hot water. Heat may damage or reduce the lifespan of the laundry ball.
5. Start Wash.

For best results, place the laundry ball in the sun for 1-2 hours every 30 washes (approx.) in order to fully dry and recharge the laundry ball’s mineral ceramics. Do not exceed 2 hours as too much heat may damage the enclosure.

SmartKlean DOES NOT contain bleaching agents. Natural whitening aids are recommended to use with the laundry ball.

Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural mild whitener. Per full load, pour in 1 cup to soap dispenser. Do not pour directly on clothes.

Check laundry for stains before washing. Many stains need pretreatment.
Inspect wet laundry before drying to be sure the stain has been removed. Use your favorite stain remover in conjunction with the laundry ball.

Hard Water
Hard water makes cleaning products less effective. If your laundry ball is not cleaning properly, add  cup of Borax per full load. For large capacity machines, use a  cup per load. Baking soda will also soften and condition water (use same amounts).

Want Fragrance?
OPTION 1: Once the load is dry, before removing it from the dryer, drizzle about  teaspoon of your favorite essential oil on a small cloth, throw it into the dryer and run the dryer on a NO HEAT setting for about 10 minutes. Your laundry will be heavenly scented for days!
OPTION 2: Those that line dry can add a 10-15 drops to a cup of water and pour it into the soap dispenser during wash.